50+ Best Social Media Exchange Websites 2018 {Bonus Lists}

Social Media is the bringing together of online communication channels that support community- based interaction, content sharing and collaboration and this post will guide to get free likes using social media exchange websites.

There are different types of Social Media such as ones dedicated to micro-blogging- (Twitter, Tumblr.com) social bookmarking (StumbleUpon. Reddit), social curation (Curata, Quora, Scoop.it) social networking (Facebook and Google Plus).

Social Media can be considered to be the most significant boon to humanity. It is the best option when you want to connect with your friends and family. Social Media is so popular that 90% of people who use the internet have their account on a social media website.

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Why People love Social Media?

On any social media, we, as users, pour in our emotions, thoughts, feelings. We upload pictures, videos, giving others a glimpse of our life and responding to what they have to say about it.

Not only that, when somebody else puts up a post, we take an interest in it and react to it.

We could respond by liking their post or sharing it.  If the person who put up the post is close enough to us, we even comment on it sharing our thoughts.

Social Media

Social Media

However, a lot of people still believe that social media is best suited for extroverted people who do not shy away from sharing details of their life with an open audience.

That is why it is easy for them to upload pictures, videos, and statuses about where they go and how they feel. While this is the natural trend, there are also some introverted people who would like to guard their personal life; do not wish to share details about it to a broad audience.

But, don’t worry…

We are here to not only guide you on how to use social named but will also help you get some more likes and shares. Here, on this web page, we have listed down a number of social media exchange websites that you could use in order to increase the number effort.


What are Social Media Exchange Websites?

Not many people know that the first social media website developed was Six Degrees, which was launched in 1997. This website allowed its users to create their profile, upload pictures and become online friends with other users.

Social blogging emerged in 1999 and grew to the extent that we are witnessing today.

While sites like MySpace and LinkedIn were popular in the early 2000s, it was in 2006 that Twitter and Facebook became available to the world.

With many popular websites, their millions of users uploading content regularly, getting likes, shares, subscribers, views, web-trafficking was not as easy as it used to be.

Apart from uploading good content, external force became necessary to gain an extraordinary number of viewers.

social media exchange websites

Social Media Exchange Websites


There are two ways of getting maximum web-traffic towards your content:

  • Resort to social media promotion that, such as Facebook ads, Tumblr promotion, tweet sponsored by Twitter, Pins that is promoted by Pinterest, etc. However, remember that all this cannot be done free of cost; this is a paid job.
  • Use websites that have been developed specially for those who seek to increase viewership for their content. These sites have been developed for the sole reason of getting you more likes, subscribers, web-traffic, pins, followers that you want.

The sites make sure that the likes they have generated are not server generated but are given by actual people like you and me.

And the best part is, they are FREE!

Things you should keep in mind:

  1. If you register from Hit4Hit, you will get 100 coins’ bonus at the start of your game.
  2. Not just Hit4Hit, SocialClerks, which helps users increase their number of followers, is also offering its users a bonus of 50 points for signing up.

List of the Best Social Media Exchange Websites:

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1. FollowLike

FollowLike is a website that has its grip firm in the business despite heavy competition by other sites.  This network helps you grow your Social Networks, Blogs, Videos, Business, Backlinks without demanding a single penny from you.

You must be wondering how FollowLike works and what you need to do to get more viewers. On FollowLike you can promote just about anything- from videos to personal accounts to brand pages.

You can improve your Search Engine ranking to boost your content; you just need to connect your profile with the others users of FollowLike. As an active user of FollowLike, you can also earn free social media likes and followers.

Also, don’t worry, this website is not fake. This webpage is genuine and can generate 200 daily points if you just click five times on the website.

social media exchange websites



2. YouLikeHits

YouLikeHits is a social media tool that helps users boost their Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, StumbleUpon, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube and more. Working on this website is super easy.



All you are required to do is, open your account on the site. Make your online presence prominent by liking, following or sharing others’ posts. The more likes you give, the more you get.


3. LikesPlanet

In case you are looking forward to promoting your social media page, then LikesPlanet is the best website for the job.

You can use this website to get likes on Facebook, subscribers on YouTube retweets on Twitter, followers on Instagram and Stumbleupon. The method of winning bonus game points is the same as any other website.



According to regular users, LikesPlanet is the best place for SEO related social media.

Moreover, if you’re specifically looking to increase your Instagram reach, read our full guide on how to get free Instagram followers.


4. Traffup

Truffup is one of the best websites for getting maximum views on social media. Registering on Traffup is one of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your website. It is most users by bloggers who want to drive most google searches towards their content.

Traffup users claim to have got more than 60 followers and about 200 likes on their upload within 24 hours of signing up on the site.

In case you are wondering how Traffup works, here it is.

Every registered user of Traffup is assigned tasks every day. These tasks mostly revolve around the user visiting other Traffup users’ social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. He gains points for completing his task while other Traffup users get guaranteed likes and views from this user.



While he is going through someone else’s profile, if the user likes or retweets some content, he earns more points. He can use these points that he earns in exchange for likes and views of his content.

Even though it is a common belief that the website is way better than its contemporaries when it comes to promoting user content, it falls back because of the lack of compatibility with some social media platforms.

You can only use the Traffup processor on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. There are millions who are hoping that Traffup will extend its services to other social media as well such as Stumbleupon, Tumblr.

If you want to register on Traffup, click on this link: http://traffup.net/


5. FanGrow

FanGrow.com App is an Advertising Platform with Paid-to-Click Service that will assist you to boost your presence in major Social Media websites and on the Internet for free. Users of FanGrow are rewarded in Bitcoins.



FanGrow works in a simple way. Each user has to complete a campaign added by another FanGrow user. By completing the campaign, the user earns points which he can later exchange for bitcoins.


6. SocialClerks

SocialClerks is one of the most popular websites for social media exchange. It is so popular that it already has more than 1,30,000 registered users. Like all social media exchange websites, SocialClerks too connects each user with all the other million users.



This is how they grow each user’s network of followers.

By signing up with SocialClerks you can get Twitter retweets, free Twitter followers, Twitter likes, Twitter tweets, YouTube views, followers, and likes on Google Plus, Pinterest pins, and likes, Delicious saves, and Diigo saves.


7. LinkCollider

LinkCollider is a remarkable SEO engine that uses link construction to help you get your business or blog the web-traffic that you want. The prime way to do this is to connect all those who want to improve the views their content gets to each other so that they all can mutually support each other.



You, as a user, can also get Facebook likes, fan pages and shares with users who will authentically collaborate with your brand directly.

You can be sure of getting effective assistance from the LinkCollider as the website boats of 350,000 active users around the globe who will share, like and retweet your content.

If you want to sign up with LinkCollider, click on this link: https://www.linkcollider.com/.


8. Like4Like

Like4Like is a widely used social media exchange website. Millions around the world use this app to make a mark for their brand on social media. According to claims made by Like4Like users, you can get 0 to thousand likes in the span of a few weeks.

Not only is this generator super-fast, it is absolutely free/

Like4Like is particularly popular for generating Facebook likes.  Using Like4Like you can earn free Facebook Likes, shares and comments. It has recently picked up on Instagram as well and can quickly boost the number of followers for an Instagram account.

social media exchange websites

Not just Facebook and Instagram, you can also get Twitter retweets of your posts, followers and Google Plus views.

Like4Like helps you get views and subscribers on YouTube, likes, and followers on Vimeo, free likes, Pins and followers on Pinterest. It also offers free MySpace connections and Flickr Faves exchange.

Surprisingly, Like4Like also serves relatively new websites such as VK and Ask.FM.  In fact, Like4Like offers its services to almost every social media platform that is popular among teenagers.

You can also drive web-traffic to your personal blog by attaching the link to your work in your profile.


9. LikeASAP

LikeASAP, although not as popular as most of its contemporaries, LikeASAP does its job effectively.

This website primarily works for Facebook and Twitter but manages to provide necessary services to other social media platforms as well.

Additionally, being a LikeASAP user will get you some benefits. There is a signing up bonus of 50 points.

If you like more than 15 social media pages, you will instantly win a bonus of 75 points. You can basically earn money with Facebook likes and shares. Redeem these points and get your social media page, brand page, blog many followers.

Also, you could use these points to boost your Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Instagram and Twitter account. Increase the number of subscribers for your Youtube channel using LikeASAP, among the great social media exchange websites.


10. SocialAdr

SocialAdr is a free service that supports website owners get most web-traffic and web-searches directed towards their content.  With this website, you can form you can build authentic and quality backlinks.



The advantage of using this site if you are looking forward to boosting your business is that SocialAdr helps you build strong backlinks and SEO reputation through social networking and bookmarking connections.

The developers of SocialAdr themselves were surprised at how fast the website generates web-traffic for online content. Your brand page, or your blog will see a considerable degree of change within a week of signing up with SocialAdr.


11. Follow4Follow

This website functions very smoothly. There are no glitches or errors in its working. Like other social media exchange websites, this site allows you to choose whose social media page or profile you want to follow.

The way this site works is pretty simple. Each time you like, share, subscribe or follow another Follow4Follow user’s brand page, profile, post, you will receive or in-game coins’ points.

You can use these coins and points to drive search results towards your content, to get more followers, likes, views to your social media page or blog.



Even if they did not do any of this, it would be equally supportive if people simply visited your webpage and went through its content. You can always sign up and see if you like the way Follow4Follow works.

If it goes well with you, sign up and become a regular number.

However, in case you do not want the way the website works, discontinue using it, because after all, it is a free website. You do not need to pay to use the website.

The list above is that of the websites carefully picked by us. We have cross-checked their authenticity, quality of services, customer reviews and only then recommended them to you.

However, there could be many social media exchange websites that work efficiently as well but did not make it to this list.


Why should you use social media exchange websites?

To begin with, everyone knows how important it is to have a good social media presence to grow an online business.  Moreover, it is obvious that social media exchange websites are a very efficient medium of mass communication.

Using this to their benefit, companies hire people to promote their products on social media.

This includes websites like Instagram and Facebook. For a product to reach out to as many people as possible, the person who is heading Social Media Marketing opts to use websites that enormously increase the product’s viewership.

Some frequent users of social media exchange websites:

  • YouTubers who seek to earn through the videos they upload as the website pays the channels that reach a certain number of subscribers and views.
  • App promoters who get paid for the content they upload on the app if they manage to get a good number of followers.
  • It is important that they get enough traffic to their content.
  • Startups who have Instagram pages to promote their products.

When you are using these social media exchange websites, getting an unlimited number of likes, shares, subscribers, comments, and followers are not as difficult as it sounds.

First, you are required to sign up on the social media platform. Set up your account profile. Right after that, the website constantly assigns your new tasks.

By completing the tasks, you can earn reward points.

You can then use these points in exchange for likes, shares, subscribers, web-traffic, followers, votes.

You can apply the same method to a number of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, etc and you can learn how to get free Google Play Codes through our official guide.

Final Words

If you are just starting your business, then remember, social media recognition helps improve your credibility.

Consumers believe that any brand with an excellent online presence is more trustworthy than a website that does not have a steady base online.

So, once you open your social media accounts on different platforms to promote your business, make sure you get as many shares, likes, followers, retweets as possible. Also, social media is an excellent space for marketing.

Use the social media exchange websites as mentioned earlier to promote your page.

They are all free websites, so nothing is stopping you from getting thousands of people to view your page, like, and share it!


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