13 Proven Ways to Get Free Twitter Followers [Updated]

For those of you who are on this website to know how to get more free Twitter followers, you can jump directly to that section skipping the introduction.

For those who stumbled on to this website not exactly knowing what it is about, don’t worry, you won’t feel left out. We help you get right down to the basics as we are starting with the introduction of what Twitter is.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a Social Networking service founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. They launched it on the internet making it available to general public in July 2006.

On Twitter, users post messages, called ‘tweets.’ These tweets could be in the form of pictures, videos, quotes, any message that one user would like to share with other users.

It is usually by commenting on these tweets, sharing it, liking it, users interact with each other. You can access Twitter from the website or the Twitter app for smartphones.

Tweets- The Heart of Twitter

A tweet is any message that you post. Users who have a registered account on Twitter can comment on your post. Mostly, your followers view your post and react to it. A tweet is by default a public feature; anybody can see your post.



However, you can monitor who reacts to your tweet according to your preference by changing the settings. You can post a tweet using the website, the Twitter app for smartphones or Short Message Service (SMS).

For a long time, the limit of this character was 140 characters but recently, November 7, 2017, Twitter increased the limit of each tweet to 280 characters. However, the limit is still at 140 characters for Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

What do people even Tweet about?

One can literally Tweet just about anything. From what was for breakfast, what one is wearing, how one feels, any rants and complaints about the traffic, weather, government, any joke, something amusing, glimpses of an event, etc. One could also use Twitter to congratulate somebody’s victory or condemn someone for their wrongdoing.

A San Antonio-based market-research firm that analyzed over 2000 tweets listed six basic categories of Tweet content along with how much of Twitter news feed they occupy.

According to their findings, 40% of Twitter is filled with pointless jabber, 38% is a decent conversation, 9% of the Twitter content has a pass along value, and 9% is how much people promote themselves or their brands through tweets. Ironically, both Spam and News occupy 4% of the content.

Who uses Twitter?

Although it is generally youngsters belonging to the 12-18 years age group who make up a large percentage of any social exchange websites‘ user base, surprisingly, in the case of Twitter, it is mainly used by older adults. On a rough scale, 24% of adults who are active internet users have a Twitter account.

Twitter has a high percentage of educated users. 29% of regular internet users who have a degree are on Twitter while you will see 20% users having a high school degree or less.

In case you are not on Twitter and wonder why people join Twitter, the next section is for you. For those who already have a Twitter account but are not active, read on to know how you could use your account to your benefit!

Why people join Twitter?

Use Twitter for Microblogging

Twitter is essentially a microblogging site. Thousands of people can view any post that you upload, be it a picture, a video clipping or a message. When it comes to marketing and promotion, this is a brilliant way of getting messages across to a large number of people at once.

For instance, a business uploads a picture that garners it millions of likes, retweets, and comments generating enough buzz to promote its content effortlessly.

Crowdsourcing answers

You can ask just about anything on Twitter, and we assure that you will get many responses- some accurate, some unheard of and some plain rubbish. Ask anything from the latest discovery in the solar system to what solution to rinse your clothes in, and you will get answers for all.

The more followers you have, the more answers you get! Before you take someone’s suggestion seriously, make sure to filter the rubbish out though.

Hear about opportunities

Many companies announce job openings on Twitter. Follow the companies that you wish to work with, and whenever they have job openings, you will know about it.

If you are open for hiring people, post a tweet about the kind of person you are looking for, qualifications and criteria, you will be surprised to know how many people are willing to take that job!

Be up to date

As mentioned before, people post just about anything on Twitter. This means, apart from what one is wearing to what one is eating, Twitter also features immediate tweets and live updates about international political affairs, calamities, terrorist attack, environmental concerns, the death of a well-known personality, etc.

With the number of tweets, retweets, likes, and shares, there is no way one could miss out on any post that is important.

Let it all Out

Frustrated with the traffic condition in your city? Tired of all the potholes you have to dodge while going to work? Want to scream out loud about the elections that were botched up? You can tweet it all and went it out.

You could get supported for what you say too, as many in a similar situation will react to your post positively. While some point things out in a straightforward manner, some choose to keep it low-key by adding some element of humor to lighten the situation.

Using appropriate and organized hashtags is a great way to encourage people to stand up for each other.

Keep track of your favorite

From politicians, actors, musicians, journalists, comedians, writers, athletes to sports teams, you can find them all on Twitter. Follow their page to be updated about their lives – where they are, who they are with, what they are eating, wearing, what kind of work they are currently doing, anything and everything.

These famous personalities regularly tweet giving their fans and followers a sneak-peak into their lives.

By now you probably are fairly convinced that being an active user of Twitter has its perks. If you are planning actually to use your twitter account to your benefit, you need as many followers as you can get.

Your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances make up a large part of your followers by default. Your account gains credibility when people outside your immediate circle follow you. The main reason for this could be because they like your work, or because many people connect with your posts on a personal level.

When you have a good number of followers, it is likely that more people visit your profile, just to find out why you have so many followers! Chances are, some of them might like your content and might end up following you!

How to Make Your Twitter Profile More Better

Before a person decides to follow you, he will thoroughly go through your profile. Only if it seems like you are worth following will you win a follower. If your profile is not appealing, they will probably just leave that page without following you.

Make Twitter Profile More Better

Make Twitter Profile More Better

There is nothing more hurtful than losing a potential follower! So don’t make that mistake. Take some time out for your Twitter profile and organize it. Here’s how you can make your profile better:

Complete your Twitter profile

Although some questions may seem unnecessary, do not skip them. Answer to many personal questions as possible. This will give Twitter users an insight into your personality. The more people feel like they connect with you, the more followers you get.

Some basic questions that you must fill in are:

  • Name: If you get to use your name and surname then the first part of creating your identity is in place. However, if you belong to that unlucky lot who do not get the right username because somebody else already uses it, make sure you put forth who you are in the best way you can through your profile name. Remember, there is a limit of 15 characters, so, choose your words wisely. Keep in mind that the shorter it is, the easier it is to engage someone.
  • Website: If you have a website that showcases your talent or passion, brilliant! Put that website link right here. This is an excellent way to promote yourself and your business. If someone is planning to work with you, they will go to this website and decide whether or not you are the right person for the job.
  • Location: Where you are from or where you are put up says a lot about you. The way you carry yourself of concerning where you are adds a good dimension to your personality. This can be of great use if somebody wants to connect with you. Do not forget to fill this section.
  • Profile Picture: The picture you upload as your profile picture is everywhere next to your name. Be it a post, a comment, a retweet, your followers will always know you by your profile picture. Be wise while selecting this picture! Also, remember that the picture needs to fit the space correctly for people to be able to recognize you by the picture. An image of 400×400 pixels or the 1:1 ratio would be advisable.
  • Twitter Bio: You have just 160 characters to describe yourself. Make every word count. From your job description, passion, achievements, family, pet, your desire to spirit animal, write whatever defines you the best.
  • Pinned Tweet: This is a relatively new feature because of which not many people know about it. It often gets overlooked or ignored. Using this feature, you can pin your best tweet, something that got the most number of retweets and likes at the top of your profile. This tweet will be the first thing one will see when they open your profile. If you are working on any campaign, pin that so that it is brought to peoples’ attention.
  • Header image: Remember the feature of Cover Picture that Facebook introduced? On Twitter, the same feature is called the Header image. This is the best place to flaunt your photography skills if you have any that is. In case you are not, do not worry. With your Header image, you could show off the adventurous side of you with pictures of you trekking, parasailing, horse riding, etc. you could also put up a view of a landscape or a meadow; anything nature related if you are a nature-lover.

Twitter Live Feed

Twitter allows you to upload live videos. This feature is not the same as uploading a pre-recorded video. With Live videos, you can directly stream the visual content to your audience.

The more live videos you upload, the more your viewers connect with you, thus resulting in more free Twitter followers.

Twitter Live Feed

Twitter Live Feed

13 Easy Tricks to get Free Twitter Followers

  1. Follow more people: Why would someone follow you if you are not following them? Also, when you follow someone, they are asked if they want to follow you back. Most people by default choose to follow you back. Only a few go back and check your profile before making the decision. So, bank on this tendency to get more free Twitter followers. You might also like our guide on how to get free Instagram followers curated specially for you.
  2. Use appropriate hashtags: the more hashtags you use, the more your content can become viral over Twitter. By doing this, you are driving more people towards your content hence increasing the number of potential free Twitter followers. However, don’t randomly add meaningless hashtags!
  3. Ask for retweets: Directly ask for retweets in your posts. Whoever retweets your content, their followers and viewers will be able to view your post. Some of them might like your content and decide to follow you. And just like that, you got more free Twitter followers.
  4. Give people reference: When you are mentioning somebody who is already on Twitter in your post, mention their Twitter handle using @username. A person is more likely to engage in a post when he is personally tagged in it.
  5. Tweet on weekends: Have something fun to upload? Save it for the weekend. Since most people come online and stay for longer on Twitter on weekends than weekdays, you are likely to get more views, for the same content on weekends than weekdays, hence more free Twitter followers.
  6. Post publicly: Whether it is a comment or a tweet, make sure it is public. With more views, you have a higher chance of getting free Twitter followers.
  7. Publicize your Twitter account: Make your Twitter account accessible to people. Put it on all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. Link your accounts across different platforms to encourage people following you on one to follow you on another media as well. This way, you can easily get more free Twitter followers.
  8. Use visuals: You know by now that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Moreover, you are not even allowed to type that many characters because of the limit. So, stick to visuals as much as possible as they are more engaging and by doing this you are getting yourself free Twitter followers. This could be pictures, videos, live videos, GIFs, etc.
  9. Celebrity reference: Whenever you are posting anything concerned with any particular celebrity, don’t shy away from adding their account as a reference. By doing this, your post could land on the page of similar celebrity posts from where fans of that celebrity might check your profile. If you are lucky, the notified celebrity might just decide to acknowledge your tweet helping you gain thousands of free Twitter followers.
  10. Reply promptly: Since Twitter is also a business platform, most people who like your work and want to collaborate with you, will contact you on Twitter. Check your messages regularly. The more you engage with people generally, the more free Twitter followers you get.
  11. Ignitwit: This app is the best way to connect with your Twitter followers. When you mention topics that you are interested in, it will connect you with more people whose likes match with yours.
  12. Tweet Positivity: Pictures, videos, GIF, any content that spreads positivity is followed by people. Inspiring quotes, motivating stories will always be liked by people.
  13. Publicize your own content: Do not sit and wait until your tweet gets the number of likes and retweets that you think it deserves. Work for those likes and shares. This means, keep re-tweeting your post many times in 48 hours to make sure that most of your Twitter followers have viewed the post.

Final Words

This website did not have or promote any hack, cheat code that will help you get more free Twitter followers.  Because the tips and tricks were natural, we know for sure and assure you that they will work.

We are aware that the tricks we have shared with you on this page seem too simple to work effectively. But, do not just take it lightly and forget to follow the tricks.

Having a good number of Twitter followers will help you in the long run, you might not realize this now. So go through the list again carefully if you need to and follow it.