Free Steam Wallet Codes – All the Legal & Working Methods

Well, this is mostly for the gamers out there who are too much fascinated about playing steam games and have their never-ending love for the game. The free steam wallet codes are nothing but a special key that will help to get unlimited access to the world of gaming and entertainment and will let you have the fun of your life while playing the games that you have always loved.

There are hundreds of those players who are a big fan of AAA titles on their PC’s and they are sure to know how much this means to them,
This powerful game distribution platform has been going for quite a time now.

This is one of the most preferred and established ways that help to buy latest as well as the greatest games of all time without having to go through the process of spending anything from your pocket. The codes and the extra cash is ensured entirely by the digital wallet.

The immense love that you have for your games get just more relaxed and lighter for one to download and make use of the generator to use up the codes for availing the benefits.

What are Free Steam Wallet Codes?

The free steam wallet codes are a card which is prepaid and can be purchased from any store.

After you have purchased a card for yourself, there will be a list of digits that will most likely hold a value. The value of the code that will be described will be in dollars and will be directly credited to your steam account.

These steam wallet codes, don’t come with an expiration date and can be anytime exchanged for money whenever it is the right time according to you.

The codes fulfill the function of the people who don’t wish to fund online to buy products. The steam wallet codes can be easily used to buy products and games that are available on the online steam code platform.


1. Free Steam Wallet Codes using Point Prizes

To start off the with the list, one of the most popular methods is to earn reward points and what can better than using PointsPrizes. It provides you the most effortless chance to get free Steam Wallet Codes online which doesn’t involve any money and is absolutely free.

PointsPrizes | Free Steam Wallet Codes

PointsPrizes | Free Steam Wallet Codes

Moreover, we’ve included enough methods for you so that you can earn a lot of free Steam Wallet Codes online. All of them all 100% legal and genuinely working with no scams or generator hack whatsoever. So, let’s get started.

How does it work?

See, PointPrizes is the website that works credits and points mechanism. All you have to do is to earn points by completing various tasks and jobs assigned to you. Sign Up on the website, and you can start collecting points by registering emails for some company’s newsletter, completing surveys, and much more. You can then exchange these points for rewards, more like free steam wallet codes!

The platform offers straightforward and effortless tasks to complete, and you can earn enough points to get yourself free steam wallet codes in just a few hours of lurking around.

Since most of their sponsors and advertisers are major brands, all the available offers in the United States (USA) or Europe, are highly rewarding. There are other offers globally as well.

Do I have to download anything?

Absolutely Not! Moreover, the website doesn’t even ask for any personal information or even the Credit Card Details for the transaction. You receive the Gift Cards or earned free Steam Wallet Codes directly to your email.

Some teenagers usually suffer because of the Credit Card information for such websites, and they can now quickly switch so PointsPrizes.

You don’t have to download any kind of app or software for completing the offers. PointPrizes partners up with the online advertisers for the best offers.

You can check out more details about all the fantastic offers that they provide to their users.


2. Using the Steam Community Market

You should definitely use the “Community Market” if you have some items to sell.

Now, this method requires a lot of effort and research but works for sure because, I as a personal CS: GO lover, have tried this 5-6 month back. Since I had no intention to invest any real money to Steam Wallet, I sold pretty much everything I got from my games, such as cards, emoticons, backgrounds, weapons (mostly from CS: GO and others).

Steam Community Market | Free Steam Wallet Codes

Steam Community Market | Free Steam Wallet Codes

Though it is not that easy to drop and sell valuable items to make enough money from the community market, it still increases your Steam Wallet balance up to some extent. I had bought one of the NBA 2018 games when it was on sale, entirely from the money I made by this way.

If you could afford it, then you can mark the price down another cent, and that would increase the chance of your item getting bought, and then getting funds faster.

Now, note that there is a sales tax on the transactions as well on the steam market if real stores weren’t enough! Supposedly, if you’re selling an item up for 3-5 cents, then you’ll probably get one cent back. This apparently sucks but what could you do if the government is doing legal extortion since the constitution is here. Again this tactic takes longer, but it yields results, unlike other methods.

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3. Using Swagbucks

For almost a decade, Swagbucks has been showering gifts to its users through the Reward -Points based system. It is in fact, one of most popular and enjoyed among the GPT websites.

Swagbucks works in various ways so that you could earn reward points, and their currency “Swags” is the apparent name given. The methods usually indulge users in doing surveys, promotions, social media sharing or even stuff like electronics trade-ins which are kinda simple things as compared to other ways of earning something.

Swagbucks | Free Stream Wallet Codes

Swagbucks | Free Stream Wallet Codes

Not only you can use Swagbucks to earn free steam wallet codes, but the websites offer apps for iPhone and Android devices for the user’s convenience. Now, you can easily make some extra points while commuting or enjoying your coffee breaks. When you do get enough reward points, you can then exchange them for Amazon gift cards, Steam Wallet Codes, PayPal Gift Cards and many more. So, let’s get started on how to use Swagbucks to earn free Steam Wallet Codes.

Tip 1 – Making Money by Surfing the Internet

Yes! You read it right. All you have to do is to switch your current search engine to the Swagbucks Search, and you’ll get paid in reward points or ‘Swags’ for searching the Internet. The searching usually gives anywhere from 4-5 to a whopping 100 Swags! But there’s a catch, you won’t get paid for every search, but it’s better than nothing. Moreover, the search engine is not that bad.

A few things that we have noticed about the Swagbucks Search Engine is that it’s a little slow but gives your precise searches. Also, the results are filled with ads than any other search engine.

To increase your earnings efficiency, we recommend you to set the new tab, and home pages search to the Swagbucks Search on your browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Tip 2 – Referrals and Inviting your friends

The best job that puts your social media websites finally to some use is to use them for referrals and inviting your friends to join Swagbucks. Also, if you have an independent website or a YouTube channel, A Tumblr blog, then you can make some good amount of Swag points sharing it your readers or subscribers by a video or a post.

Moreover, when someone registers through your referral, you’ll get a total 10% of what they earn for the lifetime.

Tip 3 – Watching Online Videos

Whenever you get some free “me” time during breaks, you can earn reward points by watching online videos through Swagbucks. You’ll almost get more than 5-10 Swags for watching the videos, but it doesn’t cost you anything.

Moreover, the Swagbucks’ Mobile App is crafted explicitly for watching videos so that you can do this while traveling through the subway, lounging, etc.

Swagbucks holds some very genuine and great reviews on hundreds of platforms and users on community forums talk about this a lot to get free Steam Wallet Codes without any efforts.


4. Using Giveaways & Giveaway Websites

This is mainly the last most remaining option to get a chance of earning free Steam Wallet Codes online, but we don’t recommend this trick that much. It usually involves the trading or submission of personal information on various websites, but it works!

Using Giveaway Websites

Using Giveaway Websites

Now, all you have to do is to look for a legit platform or website that organizes giveaways.

Usually, you wouldn’t find any of the working websites that easy on exploring through the search engines. So, we’ll take a more in-depth approach to the searching techniques. But do make sure that apart from the free Steam Wallet Codes, these websites also sponsor free Amazon, iTunes, Free PSN Codes, Xbox Live Gold and Google Play codes to the people who participate, so the competition and the chance of winning a giveaway are tough.

For searching the websites, we’ll use the advanced search results of Google for keywords. You can start by entering “gamer giveaways” which would filter the results to a detailed list of website and community platforms which have the posts or offers increasing our chance of having exactly what we’re looking, Free Steam Wallet Codes.


If you desire to specify a country or specific location/region to do your search and refine the results, all you need to do is to alter the searches to TLD.

Don’t feel distressed if you’re not getting successful results, we’ve already done the hard part of searching, and you can quickly navigate to some the websites for a Giveaway.

The quick list of Free Steam Wallet Codes Giveaway:

The Sweepstake or Giveaway Websites

There’s a rather efficient method to do so, all you need to do is to Google some advanced keywords and a little patience. If you don’t know that a digital giveaway for Gift Cards, Game Codes, etc. location doesn’t actually matter as most of these products happen globally.

But, But, But! After reading a lot of posts and threads on Steam Forums and Reddit subs, we think that there is a ton of hatred towards the giveaway websites.

People curse and criticize such websites a lot because they mostly are home to a lot of scam and once they enter their personal information, they become the victim as well. These websites are usually scams or thefts without any authority or legitimate sponsors.

The best thing that we recommend our gamer friends and teenagers is to stop hunting the ‘free’ dilemma… It doesn’t matter who you are, and you have to do something to get something. Someone is not giving away you things worth dollars just because he’s happy Unless it is Santa Claus!


How to Redeem the Free Wallet Steam Codes

The points that are available in the steam wallet codes are total funds available. You can easily redeem them and there is also a procedure for one to go through to be able to know how to get hands on this steam wallet codes for free.

The website and the place from where one wishes to buy the steam wallet card are up to them. All you need to do is just select it from the shop option from the menu and move further to add the respective funds to your account. Finally, choose the “redeem” option to redeem the card.


The Scam of Free Steam Wallet Codes Generators

You might think that for why would you read and follow these long and lengthy tricks and methods when you can google free Steam Wallet Codes Generator and get unlimited gift cards worth $10, $20 or $50 within seconds?

Well, let me ask you a simple question, Did any of these Generators work for your or even your friends?

The one single answer is NO! There are tons of fake websites on the Internet that poses as a free Steam Wallet Codes Generator and promises its users to give them gift vouchers. No hack or spam would be present in the process.

The entire purpose of such websites is just to scam and influence the users to complete offers and fooling them that they would get free Steam Wallet codes out of thin air. But that’s not how the world works.


Final Words 

I think you have got the point that all of these Generator websites are really fake and there is nothing in the world such as free. That’s the harsh truth.

However, the methods mentioned in our post are pretty close to what you call as “Free” and you can earn free Steam Wallet Codes within hours by doing small tasks like watching videos and surfing the Internet. Do share your views if you’ve successfully earned yourself some free Steam Wallet Codes in the comment section below.


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