18 Legit Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards {No Generator Spam}

It is a no hidden fact that how much we all love Amazon. Amazon is responsible for creating a lot of happiness all over the nation. How fun would it be to get these Free Amazon Gift Cards and buy the commodities that you might need for the coming occasion? Isn’t it?

Amazon has taken a step forward to help the users get access to some of the items that they have been wanting for long but was only showcased in their wish list. The helpful gift cards from Amazon helps the individuals to avail a pretty good discount on many of those things that have just be a part of their dreams. Another add-on includes a gift or supplies for your cute little pet, Amazon has everything in its store.

Amazon is really the best place to find and discover things at a fair price without even giving it a second thought. It is one of the renowned and the biggest global e-commerce website so far that ever came into existence.

The amount of love we have for our favorite global giant, it is okay to shower more love once you get your hands on the Amazon gift card codes.

What are Amazon Gift Cards Codes?

The Amazon Gift Cards help in buying anything and everything from the Amazon website for free. The codes can be redeemed instantly to make a purchase on the website. The Amazon Gift Cards credits the amount directly to our account after we take a step forward to redeem them.

Is it an expensive item that you have always wanted to buy? Well, with the Amazon gift card codes; you can get a huge discount on any of those expensive products you have been craving for all this time.

So, the time is finally knocking your doorsteps, as the free Amazon gift cards await.

Well, Amazon gift card also brings to you the list providing you endless options to get your hands on any of the items that you had always wished for. The Amazon gift cards has an advantage and that is that they never expire thus bringing you more and more close to the millions of items at Amazon. Is it a DVD that you are looking for or some newly launched gadget to update yourself, Amazon gift cards have got it covered for you.

All that is needed of you is shopping at amazon.com using these gift cards to choose and buy stuff from the variety of stores like clothing, home, garden, grocery and much more.

How to Redeem Amazon Gift Cards

The gift card can be redeemed if you pay a minor visit to amazon.com. The balance gets automatically saved for you in your Amazon wallet of your own account. If you wish to make future purchases. There is no need to enter the code more than once as the balance will be credited to your Amazon account only.

Redeem Amazon Gift Card

Redeem Amazon Gift Card

Advantages of Free Amazon Gift Cards

It is okay if you don’t like to believe things at once and here is a list of benefits of the Amazon free gift card to get all your trust. The benefits tagged with the Amazon free gift card are as follows:

  • The concept of the zodiac sign gift card allows you to astonish your closed ones.
  • The amount in the gift card is depended completely on one’s prudence.
  • A gift card helps in bringing out the shining performances of your employees and working corporate and also by blooming them with surprise.
  • The gift card movie vouchers help in fulfilling the wish of anyone’s who is suffering through a tough time of getting tickets for their first day first show of their favorite movie.
  • There are few specific top-notch brands that provide certain discounts to the Amazon customers and gift cards can be used to redeem the same.
  • The gift card also offers spa vouchers are also available for you if you want to surprise someone.

Tired of Fake Generator Websites?

Are you of done with all the fake websites and scam blogs who pose as a 100% working generator to get you all the free Amazon Gift Cards online and even promise to generate universal codes for each user as if they themselves own the Amazon E-Commerce. If you’re not already getting it, well they are all scam websites who fool users to make money.

There is no such a thing in the world as “Free Amazon Gift Cards Generator” which will generate working and authentic Amazon Gift Card codes for free.

So, there is no way by which you can get free Amazon Gift Cards?

Well, there are few legitimate and genuine ways to get free Amazon gift cards.

Do keep in mind that none of these methods would give your gift cards, but they are the best tricks and as closest as you would get to real Free Amazon Gift Cards.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to purchase or spend any money to get those free Amazon Gift Cards. All you have to do is do some tasks to get those free Amazon Codes.

These tasks are pretty simple, and it almost feels like you’re not doing anything, so let’s get started with the legit methods on how to get free Amazon Gift Cards Online.

A. Reward Point Websites and GPT Methods

So, the first set of working methods are the, in fact, the most popular and widely used websites that you use. They are the typical GPT (Get Paid To) platforms that offer rewards points in exchange for performing various tasks online.

The task could go anything such as downloading an app or game on your smartphone featured on the site, or something easier, like signing up for an account or watching videos with ads. These are fantastic websites for earning reward points that work with zero out-of-pocket investments.

1. MyPoints

To start, let’s talk about MyPoints, an independent GPT website that offers daily rewards for its users doing multiple numbers of tasks or jobs online.



MyPoints even offers rewards for playing games online, watching sponsored videos, reading emails, or even shopping online from their affiliate partners. So, you can enjoy your time while collecting reward points, which you can use to get free Amazon Gift Cards or any other like PlayStation Gift Cards through their website.

2. MechanicalTurk

Popularly known as mTurk, it is a branch of Amazon itself and works on survey basis. Now, it is strictly not a survey website, nor is it a GPT based platform but something like a crowdsourcing website.

AmazonMechanical Turk

AmazonMechanical Turk

You can quickly make some money on mTurk by performing all sorts of simple tasks. The rewards then paid to the users are straight transferred into their Amazon Payments account, which you can reasonably spend on Amazon goods, or even transfer straight into your bank account. This is a handful site for people who want to earn a little extra money with their spare time.

3. PrizeRebel

Next up on the list is the very popular, PrizeRebel. It is a GPT website that is favorite among reward point users because of its remarkable support. The website offers a unique platform where users can earn reward points from the site and use the received points to purchase anything from Amazon itself directly. This saves you a lot of time and efforts in collecting and exchanging gift cards. After all, this is your end goal, isn’t it?



Less trouble is always great, and PrizeRebel helps you ordering from Amazon far easier.

4. Swagbucks

For almost ten years now, Swagbucks is offering reward points to its users in the GPT kind and is in fact, the largest and most popular on the Internet.

Swagbucks offers tons of methods to earn “Swag Bucks” ( their own reward points’ name). This certainly includes filling surveys, promotions, social media websites or even things like electronics trade-ins.



The one great thing about this website is the amount of flexibility that it provides to its users. So, there’s a website platform, and moving on, you can earn reward points through your Android Smartphone and even iPad. Enjoy your coffee while collecting Swags for free Amazon Gift Cards, Steam Wallet Cards, Paypal Gift Cards, and much more.

5. RecycleBank

Recyclebank is one of our favorite websites and comes out as more of an environment-friendly platform as its goal is to educate people and save the environment while you earn free Amazon Gift Cards through it.

You can start earning points and redeem them for prizes like free Amazon Gift Cards obviously, on Recycle Bank by carrying out tasks like reading articles about eco-friendly ways to adapt and various things that affect our environment. It could be an excellent initiative for students and teenagers who wish to do something useful while getting paid for it. Moreover, the website offers different eco-friendly products from startups and companies that share the same purpose.

B. Exchange Stuff for free Amazon Gift Cards

(Free Amazon Gift cards with No surveys or Human verification)

The first trick that you can use for these methods strictly depends on trading. What you need to do is to find something that you don’t already use or is just lying there.

For the fact, you might argue that this is not a legit method of earning the Amazon Gift Cards for free, but all you have to do is just to exchange your unused or old things in return for the free Amazon Gift Cards. You can use to purchase anything that you’ve been waiting for so long!

6. Cardpool

Cardpool is the Amazon’s suitable alternative and most popular website for trading things that the E-Commerce has been doing lately. It is the online platform where you can sell your unused gift cards.

They support most brands’ gift cards so you can now easily convert even your Food meal Cards that you or your parents get a corporate benefit in exchange for the free Amazon Gift Cards online. The great thing about this website is that they also offer hard cash for the trade-ins. We guess you can directly purchase or gift the product that you wanted to buy from the Amazon directly.

7. Amazon Trade-In

Amazon is itself more than ready to take all of your old or stuff and give you free Amazon Gift Cards in return. The best thing about utilizing Amazon Trade-In is that the company would cover all of your shipping charges. So you won’t have to spend even a dime to get the gift cards in exchange for your goods.

Moreover, the E-Commerce giant is mainly looking for all the electronic devices and gadgets for trading. You can exchange your old movies, music players, mobile phones, music CDs, and tons of other types of electronic devices that you can find on their website. Moreover, you can also swap your old Novels and textbooks for free Amazon gift cards.

Just go to the following link, and you can see even the potential amounts that you’d receive for your gadgets and stuff. For more details, terms and return policies, head over to Amazon

8. Gazelle

Gazelle is yet another platform where you can sell all the old and used electronic stuff in exchange for various gift cards, especially your free Amazon Gift Cards. The rates are pretty competitive, and Gazelles also offers payment through payment methods like PayPal if you’re not interested in gift cards.



To be honest, it is one of the most amazing choices for hauling off your old stuff such as outdated gaming consoles and phones. But wait, here’s something unusual! Gazelle looks out for all the care that you’ve taken of your things while issuing your payment. So, if you have some electronics without even a scratch or ding on it, the website would offer the best price in the market for that product.

Butter-fingered traders beware, though!

9. Coinstar

And the last on our list under exchange websites category is Coinstar. It is a traditional website that you are likely familiar with. The basic model is that you’ll insert coins to get cash.



The best thing is that you can exchange all the coins for free Amazon Gift Cards on the site. There’s no service charge or anything like that for the trading process, so it’s a full profit deal.

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C. Survey Websites & Market Research

You might already have heard or used to these kinds of websites. They are the market research websites which collect information from thousands of online users through survey forms in exchange for gift cards, and other stuff.

They are mainly surveying websites that are sponsored by marketing companies who run and conduct online surveys on for various product startups and businesses who wish to collect feedback about their services and goods.

So when you participate, the websites reward its users with cash, prizes, and of course free gift cards for completing a survey on their website.

We don’t usually support such kind of websites as they take approx 5-minutes of your life and sometimes don’t even response regarding rewards or gift. Nevertheless, here are some of the trusted ones:-

10. Opinion Outpost

Surveys often become annoying and tiresome when you have to fill up the details for more than 5-10 times. But this one website offers exciting survey forms to fill up, and you can easily redeem your earnings for free Amazon gift cards or other prizes from your account.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost

11. Valued Opinions

ValuedOpinions is one of the most popular survey websites that some of our team members still use (because we don’t pay them well :p ).

Some of us got $20 & $25 worth of free Amazon Gift Cards by just mailing few companies as the tasks and doing surveys online.

12. MySurvey

One of the renowned and established, MySurvey has partnered with prominent Tech Giants and offered you to complete surveys through its desktop site. Recently, it has also launched its mobile apps so you can earn on the go.



13. SurveySpot

Just like MySurvey, SurveySpot also follows similar pathways but offers more payout regarding reward points. You can use the site for 2-3 days decently to earn you free Amazon Gift Cards after filling several forms.



D. Using Cashback Tricks

What if you could earn some free Amazon Gift Cards in between shopping online? Wouldn’t be that the best way to get free coupons. Follow the methods mentioned below and enjoy yourself some extra dollars $$$.

14. FatWallet

To start, you need to look out for is FatWallet. It is a promotional website for all the shopping lovers. You can register on the site for free and get some really fantastic deals and coupons for different e-commerce websites mainly Amazon.

Now, the reason that this website is on our list because the discount coupons offered on this website are more than the usual amount of Amazon gift cards like $10, $20.

Using FatWallet, you can even land small deals like free shipping or catch a big fish like 25% cashback on a normal weekday.

15. Amazon Promotions

It’s a great thing to subscribe to all the Amazon promotional emails that it sends you for updates. So, if you check your mail often then you can spend some time in reading these promotional letters as the company often sends discount coupons to its readers and even a cashback offer if you haven’t shopped in a while.

Moreover, if you don’t wish to spam your mail account with promo emails, then you can head out to free coupons websites as they host similar deals.

16. Amazon Visa card

For users who usually use their Credit Card to shop online for value purchase, you can now get yourself various discounts on Amazon Pay.

The Chase Credit card provides its users with 1% cashback on all purchases, 2% cash back on gas buy, but most importantly 3% on the Amazon.com purchases!

You can subscribe to this card if you’re a frequent shopper and you’ll save a lot excluding the Coupons and Discounts which is almost as equivalent to getting free Amazon Gift Cards.

E. Passive/Affiliate reward opportunities

And last but definitely not the least, there’s another set of methods for people who don’t wish to put more efforts into getting free Amazon Gift Cards.

17. Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards offers a simple way to get free Amazon Gift Card rewards. The process includes you to register for the Bing Rewards Program, and you’ll start getting free points every time you search something on Bing.com.

There is a daily limit on the points that stop the users from doing frauds. Moreover, you can fill up the threshold amount of points faster if you would set it as your default browser. The Search Engine offers different rewards including free Amazon Gift Cards.

18. Google Screenwise

Apart from the Google Opinion Rewards, Google also offers some exciting deals through Google Screen wise apart from the free Google Play Codes.

It works as you install the Google Screen wise App on your smartphone and Tablet to track the Internet Data Usage. All you have to do is to surf the Internet and use different online apps on your smartphone, and occasionally, the Screen wise app would give you an offer for Gift Cards. You can choose Free Amazon Gift Cards of the value that you’ve earned till now.

Final Words 

So this was all about free Amazon Gift Cards and how to get them online using all the legal methods and without any spam or generator scam websites.

Do share your views on these methods and let us know if you use any other working method and we’ll feature it on our guide as well. Cheers!

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