Dragon City Hack – No Survey Verification {Latest Update}

All the credits go to these fantasy epics like the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and obviously the most popular TV series, Game of Thrones, it looks like the entire world has gone dragon mad, and no it’s definitely not a bad thing. As a matter of fact, even we’d love a dragon as our pet if it was possible.

If you too feel just like us about this whole dragon drama thing then Dragon City is the game for you. Just like a lot of other games which are available online, this too is free to play but lately it has been turning a lot of heads.

As they are disproving the belief that good graphics are not always everything, and the content of the game also matters a lot.

The game is pretty awesome and the only bad part about this is that, in order to achieve its maximum potential, you gotta spend a lot of your own money on it.

Dragon City Game

From the creators of games like Monsters Legends, World Chef, Social Wars comes another fantasy simulation game called Dragon City.

Initially launched as a social media game for Facebook, it is now available across different platforms like Apple App Store and Google Play store and has amassed an enormous fan following due to its simple but engaging gameplay revolving around the majestic beasts- Dragons.

Objective of the Game

The primary aim of the game is breed and raise dragons to ultimately create a habitat (called a dragon city) full of your dragons. You can also use your dragons to go into battle with the dragons of other players.


As mentioned before, famous mobile game developers, Social-point has developed this game.

The game is only available on Facebook and for iOS users with the former released in May 2012 and the later iOS version in the following year (2013).

The developers initially did not plan for an Android launch, hence as mentioned by Sergi Velez, the Technical Lead of Social-point, the code had to be re-written in a significant way.

Social-point has based the engine of the game on an opensource driver called cocos-2d-x. They have further modified this and named it Hydra.


Dragon city is a simulation game. Hence the general gameplay is based on actions that simulate activities in the virtual world of the game.

Here, you will be given an island of yours to build it as the habitat for your dragons. You will have to breed, feed and nurture your dragons from the egg stage to full adulthood.

There are many permutations and combinations of breeding, food that you can try to bring out the best dragon possible.

Players have the chance to collect a maximum of 600 different dragons to become the top collector of Dragon City.

Additionally, you can use your full-grown dragons and battle against other player’s dragons or complete challenges, both of which gives you rewards.

Types of Dragons

The dragons in this game can be broadly classified into the following categories- Terra Dragons, Flame Dragons, Dark Dragons, Nature Dragons, Sea Dragons, Legendary Dragons, Light Dragons, Metal Dragons, Ice Dragons, War Dragons, Electric Dragons and Pure Dragons.

Some dragons are unbreedable like- Exclusive Hybrid Dragons, Exclusive Rare Hybrid Dragons, Exclusive Legend Dragons, Exclusive Elemental Dragons.

Each dragon has a different Habitat, hatching time, required breeding duration.

As the dragon grows, its level increases along with its size until it reaches the fully developed state that is the highest level. You also need to have a minimum Shop level and Habitat level to buy and house the dragon.

Selling a dragon will give you coins which you can use to improve your habitat or purchase other dragons.


There are different structures that you can build on your island to customize it into your dragon city. These include- Tower’s, Kindergarten, Ancient Portal, Dragonarium, Crystals, Farms, Stadium and Breeding structures.


During the story line of the game, you will encounter different characters who help you through specific challenges. These figures are- Deus, Nefus, Aurelia, Cortesia, and Parsival.

Game Resources

Gold is the primary currency of the game. But food required to feed the dragons and gems are also essential resources in the game. Food can be bought using the gold or can be farmed by building Farms.


The process of obtaining a dragon egg from two adult dragons is called breeding. For the dragons to breed, each must be of minimum level 4, and the reproduction occurs in one of the many breeding structures like Deus Breeding Nest, Breeding Dome, Hatchery, etc.


The unhatched dragons are obtained in the form of eggs in this game. You can get an egg by either breeding the adult dragons, buying them in the shop in exchange for coins or win them in an event.


The eggs, once obtained are transferred into the hatchery where they remain for the stipulated hatching time (which is unique for each egg) after which the eggs hatch to give the baby dragon.


In the stadium or PvP combat, you can use your dragons to fight the dragons of other players in the game. The battle outcome is decided by factors like- Level of the dragons, The hit points, rank/star, the first element, the attacks of both the dragons and damage of the attack.

Awards and Ratings

The same year that it was launched (2012), Dragon City was judged to the in the Runners-up spot in the “Top 25 games on Facebook in 2012” list. Both in The Apple App store and Google Play Store the game has a huge fan following and high rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Dragon City Hack

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The game is virtually available on all the major device platforms including Android, iOS, Mac and PC. The purpose behind this game is to become the ultimate dragon breeding master.

You will have a huge variety of dragons to choose from and almost all of them are completely unique with different skills and appearance and everything.

Free Gems, Gold and Food – Limitations

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Do I need to hack Dragon City?

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Is this Dragon City hacking tool real?

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Dragon City Hack Proof

Dragon City Hack Proof | No Survey Verification

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Access Online Dragon City Hack Tool

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Dragon City hack tool features:

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In conclusion, we will like to say that this is really an amazing game especially as it also helps you network socially.

This Facebook game is developed and published by Social Point and can be even considered as addicting as it’s so much hyped and popular.

Inside this one, you have to breed, train, raise your own Dragons and make a great magical city. Not only this, but the gamers can also go to their friend’s cities and interact with it.

Thus, making sure that you have a great time while playing it our hack does something for which a lot of people spend their hard earned cash to get. And just a random fact, this game also has over 10 million  and increasing monthly active players.

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