Avakin Life Hack – NoSurveyVerification {Android/iOS/PC}

We would be lying if we say that we have never played sims ever in our life. Avakin Life has a quite similar concept and allows you to have a completely another virtual life where you can literally do whatever you want to do.

Avakin LifeA Virtual World of Avatars and Chat

Another virtual community game that has caught the attention of the world is Avakin Life.

With various customization and interaction features Avakin Life has got a huge community playing the game.

But the unique part of the game is that it is playable on multiple platforms- iOS, Android, PC, and Mac using a web browser making it the world’s first multi-platform virtual world game.

It is so cool that we can bet you will want to play even more once you start playing it. This game, not only helps you live a whole new virtual identity but also lets you interact with similar other players across the globe.

You can interact with them just like you do in real life and socialize and also perform various other operations with your avatar.

This game was available across Android and iOS platforms but is now available for PC too. In order to play this game, you at least have to be 17 years old.

There will be a verification before you register for the game where you can connect either your Facebook profile, G+ or e-mail. After that we are good to go.

We’ll suggest you to add all your friends from your friend list to get the most out of this game.

The Genre: Virtual Reality MMO

A virtual world is a virtual environment created by the computer where you can interact with the environment and others in it with the help of a virtual representation of yourself often called your virtual avatar.

The computer games that employ such an environment are known as virtual reality games.

Combining the virtual reality and Massive Multiplayer Online game genres, Virtual reality MMO games are created which has become a massive craze not only because of its gaming enjoyment but the interaction with other players through chats and other functions.

Features of Avakin Life Game

  • Free roaming open world environment game.
  • Chatting and interacting with a massive community of people and friends.
  • Customization of avatar and apartment.
  • Ratings and rankings of best apartments.
  • Played across all the platforms with one account.
  • Simple UI which eases gameplay.


The app is free to download and play, but there are in-app purchases that can enhance the experience of the game.

In-app purchases are also mandatory to unlock the full array of furniture’s, clothes and other features in the game.


The massive popularity of the game has seen it receive a 4.3 out of 5 rating on Google Play Store and 4.6 out of 5 on Apple Store.

Visit Avakin Life to start playing the game, create your virtual avatar and enjoy the vast virtual community of the game.

The Gameplay

This virtual reality game is based on creating a virtual avatar which you are supposed to customize by buying new clothes.

Additionally, you own an apartment which you can decorate with items of your choice. Along with designing your 3D avatar and the apartment a significant part of the game is the interaction with the other players.

The 3D gaming world of Avakin Life is designed very nicely, offering an extraordinary overall experience and is continually growing through newer updates in the game.

You can freely roam around in the virtual world, visit plush locations, meet new people, invite friends to your condo, and visit theirs.

Your friends can rate your apartments get-up, you can do the same for their and compete with each other for the highest rated apartment.

Interaction with other players can be through one on one chat or in chatting in groups. The updates also introduce new types of furniture, animations, and even game challenges.

The Development Process

Lockwood, a UK based (Nottingham) publisher and developer, has developed and released this game.

The cloud-based service and metric system that Lockwood owns have helped to support this game across all the platforms.

Lockwood already had an excellent reputation for creating creative quality content for PlayStation hence Avakin life’s gameplay, graphics, applications, and content are of very high quality.

The App Detail

The app is free across all the platforms that it is available (Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Fire phone). But the game is supported only on iOS 8.0 and higher, and Android 4.0.3 and higher. The app was released on April 22, 2016, with 1.7.6 version being the currently running version.

Hacks | Some Amazing Things About the Game

  • If you go to your apartment daily, you will get ten gems every day.
  • You can add short-codes to undertake actions.
  • Mystery boxes are an excellent source of gems and other surprises that help you go through the game faster.
  • The game comes with a built-in camera application which you can use to record your dance moves.
  • The game often offers 2X offers. Merely wait patiently for these offers to help you go through the game.

Parental Guidance

Due to some age sensitive issues with the game, this game is rated as 17+.

Hence you are required to undergo a verification before you can start playing the game. Users can access the game using their email or Facebook accounts. Therefore, the information in the accounts can be used by the game, which is mentioned in the Privacy policy.

There is no sexual or suggestive content in the gameplay. Violence, drugs smoking and alcohol is absent from the game. Swearing and profanity are not allowed in the chat, but flirting is a big part, which adds to the parental consent requirement.

How shall I start?

Before you start the game, you have to create your own avatar. It can look either just like you or you can let your creativity run wild.

There are numerous styling and designing options at your disposal and you can make the most out of them. It’s all up to you.

You can either create a cool classy character or can go full berserk on it. Out of all the games of similar type, this one has one of the best avatar creators.

Another cool thing about this game is that you can personalize it based on your interests and likes. The way you customize your avatar is what will be visible to other players, so create something which has a lasting impression.

This is how the purchases inside the app looks like:

690 Avacoins for $0.99,

1,990 Avacoins $2.99,

2,990 Avacoins for $4.99,

6,990 Avacoins for $9.99,

27,990 Avacoins for $39.99,

Assortment $4.99,

Pile $0.99,

Hoard $9.99,

Mound $15.99,

Stack for $2.99.

Seems quite too much, right?


Avakin Life Hack

Fortunately, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a single buck whenever you are in need of Avacoins. With our Avakin Life Hack Tool you can have more coins than you will ever need. That’s doesn’t mean you can literally have unlimited coins cause that’s possible.

So, there is a limit. This is because a lot of gamers generate a lot of Avacoins and this shall lead to the game losing it’s balance. But still you will be able to generate thousands of coins which in real life would require you to pay hundreds of dollars.

With our Avakin Life Hack Tool it will be completely free for you similar to FIFA 17 Hack. Thus, you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

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Risk of getting banned:

Well, honestly there is a risk of getting banned as the developers are constantly looking for glitches and bugs to fix them before they could be exploited as hacks. But it is not necessary that you’ll be detected.

Almost all the gamers tend to get away without any issues after using cheats and hacks. But of course, if the developers catch you cheating, they possibly can detain your account.



Access Online Avakin Life Hack Tool

How to use Avakin Life Online hack tool? The Simple Steps:

  1. Visit the ‘Online Avakin Life Hack Tool’ listed above.
  2. Select your platform (Eg.: Android/iOS/PC)
  3. Click ‘Next‘ and then you’ll be on Proxy panel.
  4. Please Enable Proxy to ensure that your hack is safe.
  5. Select the number of free Avacoins and Gems you want to fill your account with.
  6. Click ‘Generate‘ button.
  7. The hacking process will take some time to complete. As soon as it is over, a Captcha Verification page will pop up.

Some of the features of our hack tool:

  • Add up to 99,999 Avacoins and gems to your account daily.
  • Our cheats are completely safe & secure as we use proxies.
  • Our tool is 100% free, we will never charge you.

As Famously said, with great power comes great responsibility, similarly here too you will have access to thousands of coins through which you can do anything you like.

Such as opening and unlocking rare items, buy everything you ever wanted and also speed up any process while you playing the game.

Features and Benefits:

Has Avakin Life game become an addiction for you? If yes, then this tool is a must for you as it runs on all the devices – phones, tablets, desktop computers.

The only required is – stable internet connection, as our tool will try to connect to the servers of the game in order to add all your free stuff.

You don’t have to worry about waiting as we use one of the fastest servers which can cater to thousands of people at a time.

This game is loved by a lot of people and if you desire to get an edgy advantage over other gamers or your mates, then use this – it will make your game extremely fun to play.

Cheats generator uses a sophisticated and complex algorithm that connects to the server using proxies. As our tool is online, you will not have the need to download APK and install it on your PC.

Also, another thing to be remembered is that we will never ask you for your password, the only requirement that ever will be is – your email ID, that too because it is necessary to identify you and your game account.

Final Words:

Don‘t  waste a single minute your valuable time on downloading various apk files from random websites – they are all probably scams to dupe you.

We strongly hope that using our tool will benefit you to a great extent. Cheers.

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